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Dimitri Vavlitis

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d vavlitis 



Current Post:
Office Bearer

Years Elected:
2014 - 

Youth, Sport, Childrens Activities, Theatre, Educational and Website Administrator



2012 is my first year in the Executive Committee and I have been assigned with the youth, sport and educational portfolios. EEAMA is a big part of my life growing up there learning and performing Greek dancing as well as part of the youth theatre groups. I played in the basketball team in the 1980’s and 90’s and was part of a youth sub committee that organised snow trips and many “disco” parties in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

My father is a past Vice President and was in the EC on and off for over 20 years since 1962. Just as he did I would like to see my children grow as part of EEAMA learn dancing, performing in front of an audience as part of 25 March celebrations and get to meet lifelong friends.

I am married with three children, a daughter 12 and two sons 10 & 8.

My aim is to assist in securing the future of the club by organising functions for young kids that will encourage their parents to return to EEAMA so they can admire their children like our parents admired us.